The Study Group was formed a decade ago as a natural continuation of the collaborative, multi-disciplinary Heart Brain Symposium (2001-2010). Comprised of 17 physicians; representing 8 different clinical practices and performing shunt closure procedures in 10 intermountain hospitals, the Study Group has sought to bring consensus and material support to patient and physician education, clinical research and patient advocacy.

The Study Group has actively supported and participated in PFO/ASD research including: RESPECT, PREMIUM, REDUCE, the Amplatzer™ PFO Registry, GORE ASD, TCD shunt detection, cognitive dysfunction, PFO/ASD device safety and efficacy.

Publications include the development of a simple, safe, low cost catheter method of differentiating PFO and ASD anatomy and physiology; a technique which aids device selection and minimizes serious complications.

The nationally unique approach of the Utah PFO/ASD Study Group has recently been featured in the culminating clinical chapter of the state-of-the art textbook: Patent Foramen Ovale (Amin Z, ed. Springer-Verlag 2015)